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New Arrivals - House Plants!

New Arrivals - House Plants!

Thursday 29th August 2019

Since is arrival in early May the House plant section and indoor pot section is starting to expand nicely with a new range of indoor pots now in stock to go with your new house plant!

New arrivals in our houseplant section are a magnificent Alocasia Zabrina with a fantastic variegated stem which produced large V shaped leaves. During the spring and summer months we recommend feeding this plant once every two weeks with Half the recommended dosage. This particular variety during these months can produce a new leaf every week with every leaf being larger than the previous. It really is a fantastic plant to watch over the weeks. It is recommended that this plant does not have direct sunlight so think twice about having one in the conservatory or garden room. However the corner of a lounge or dining area would be a fantastic spot!

Other arrivals include Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) which are already proving to be very popular with our customers for its unusual leaf. A variety of different palms shapes and sizes have also arrived and are ready to be taken away to brighten your home!

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