Miracle-gro evergreen complete 4 in 1 360m2

£22.99 inc VAT Was £24.99

Kills moss and broad-leaved weeds
Greener lawn in 7 days
Thickens lawn and strengthens roots

Evergreen Complete is a multi-action treatment for greener, healthier lawns. The 4-in-1 action kills weeds and moss, feeds and greens the lawn and strengthens roots for improved resilience to heat, drought and other stresses.

Made with a unique Water Smartâ„¢ formula to optimise water uptake, the treatment builds the thickness of the lawn to better trap moisture and promotes root growth to maximise water absorption. After 7 days, the lawn will be noticeably greener, and dead moss can be raked out after 2 weeks. Maximum weed control will take 3-5 weeks.

For best results, apply by hand or mechanical spreader any time between April and September when weeds are actively growing, during fair weather when grass is dry and soil moist.

Contains 12.6kg, enough to treat 360 square metres.