Weedol Lawn Killer 333m2 Concentrate

£7.99 inc VAT

If grass isn't the only thing growing on your lawn, you need to tackle the weeds with this easy mix concentrate liquid.

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate 500ml will kill weeds in your grass, enabling it to bloom.

Healthy grass is your best defence against weeds, so give your lawn tender loving care, just like any other plant in your garden.

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Weedol is a name known to millions of gardeners for its quick, easy and thorough weed killing. Since its launch in 1965 Weedol has revolutionised garden weeding.

Now Weedol has spawned a family of weedkillers - all with the qualities of the original, but with extra benefits.

Key Features

- Kills white clover, dandelions, daisies, plantains

- Kills weeds not grass