Kent & Stowe -Digging Fork Carbon Steel

£17.99 inc VAT Was £24.99

40% lighter garden fork - specially crafted for you to make the rewarding hobby of gardening more accessible. Made and tested to be lightweight, evenly weighted and balanced. Fluffing up soil, lifting potatoes and breaking up clumps is a piece of cake with Kent & Stowe's light and functional Garden Life Digging Fork.

The perfect garden fork for these garden lovers:

Budding young gardeners
Arthritis sufferers
Less mobile users
Whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle garden for longer in the fresh air and the lovely outdoors with tools designed to give you maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Expertly crafted tools are 40% lighter than heavy equivalents which means you can be out perfecting your garden for longer with a trusted fork that is lighter, more compact and extra comfortable.

Comfortable D-grip handle makes your Garden Life Digging Fork a pleasure to use and it hangs conveniently on a hook to keep it in ship-shape for years.

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